Google Apps is a set of services (SaaS) by Google. It offers a wide range of business applications - email, calendar, docs, chat, sites, others - in a pay as you go model with free quotas. Google Apps is a huge success among SMEs. Google Apps comes in 3 editions - Standard, Business and Education. Move your existing domains to Google Apps with BYGSoft.

App Engine offers high reliability and unparalleled performance for applications. BYGSoft, since 2008, has been developing applications which inherit the properties of scale and robustness of GAE.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership and increase Return on Investment - make these two cliches work for you with BYGSoft GAE Consulting. Make your apps smarter, faster and user experience nicer.

Convert visitors into prospects with Google Analytics. Go beyond the standard web analytics. An enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives rich insights into website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Track visitor interaction with landing pages using events and improve conversion rates. » read more

IDeA to Market in a few weeks! Our cloud development approach is not only fast but leverages cost effectiveness of cloud computing. Your idea can take life within a few weeks!


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Cloud Adoption Strategies

Cloud offerings come in different shapes, sizes and restrictions and from different vendors. YES! It is possible to save money with Cloud, but it is essential to make the right choice.

We have put together a guide which will help evaluate cloud readiness and outline steps in adopting a cloud computing solution. » read more.

Software which can scale to millions of users and yet consume only what is absolutely required - a true CLOUD COMPUTING solution.

Before you invest in migrating your software to the cloud, find out if your app is cloud ready, read article below.

... efficient code will deliver greater transactions per second while using less cpu. Essential to TCO/ROI metrics. » read more.

Google App Engine GAE or the App Engine is the cloud computing platform from Google. It offers hitherto unprecedented opportunities for building fast and scalable applications. BYGSoft has been developing Google App Engine apps since inception.